The guidance you need to get the most money out of the sale of your home.

• Having the right professional help you through the sale of your home is an invaluable asset. You want to make sure you get the most out of your property!
• Works & negotiates for YOU, not the buyer’s best interests.
• Can provide an accurate market analysis of your home.
• Handles the scheduling of buyer tour requests and ensures anyone viewing is pre-approved.
• Able to navigate legal contracts to ensure you are being taken care of, not taken advantage of, when selling your home.
• Helps you navigate the selling process to easily transition into your new home.
• Stays aware of ever-changing local and federal laws that are pertinent to home selling.
• Helps you negotiate the best price and best terms so you aren’t underselling your home.

Being aware of market conditions gives you the right outlook when it comes time to putting your home on the market to sell. We all want the most out of our home. The more we can make than what we put into it, the better! Keep in mind that market conditions are always changing and this can impact the value of your home. Relying on sites like Zillow or Trulia to give an estimation of your property’s value can, and often times will, lead to disappointment. Their values can differentiate by up to 20% of what their Zestimates claim ­their words, not ours. This is why it’s imperative to hire a professional to provide a true analysis of your property so you can have a better understanding of what your home is worth in current market conditions. You can then make the decision of selling your property if it’s the right step to take based on its value.

• Be sure your home is prepared before it hits the market. You want to ensure it’s portrayed in the best light to get the best offers.
• Improve your landscaping and curb appeal, since that is the first thing buyers see.
• Make as many repairs as you can afford to. Unless you are pricing it below market value to sell as-is, taking the time to make repairs can get you a better offer.
• If you can, repaint your home. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a lived-in property can help it look like new.
• Remove clutter and store away as much as you can.
• Depersonalize the home by removing family photos, so you give buyers the opportunity to envision their own lives in the house instead of feeling like they are intruding into someone else’s.
• Organize your closets. People will look in there, so showcase them!
• Clean, clean, clean. We recommend having a professional cleaner come in right before your home is listed. Be sure to keep it clean for every showing.
• Eliminate bad odors. You may have gotten used to smells in your home, but home buyers will be able to quickly pick up on pet and smoke odors.
• Keep your decor and furniture simple and light. You want to showcase the size of the home without it being overwhelmed by too much stuff. If you can afford to, we recommend having it professionally staged.

Selling a home can be daunting. We’re breaking down what goes into the process.
Step 1: Find the perfect real estate agent and let them know you’re ready to sell your home.
Step 2: They’ll provide a market analysis of your property to give you a better understanding of its value.
Step 3: You’ll go over, in detail, any steps your agent recommends to get your home in the best selling condition.
Step 4: She/He will then schedule professional photos and videos and will begin the extensive marketing of your home.
Step 5: Once you’ve received an offer, your agent will review with you the terms and conditions of that offer.
Step 6: After an offer is accepted and the negotiations are done, you’ll go into a 30-45 day contract period, while the buyer’s lender works to secure the full loan.
Step 7: During this transaction period, home inspections and appraisals are conducted.
Step 8: Your agent can then work with you to negotiate any repair requests the buyers might make.
Step 9: If all conditions have been met for your mortgage approval and all parties have agreed to negotiations, then you get to make your way to the closing table.
Step 10: After the final purchase contract has been signed at the title company, your sale is complete!


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